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We know the pressures and concerns of senior leaders. We listen and learn quickly to provide value from the first time we meet. Our world class strategic planning process ensures no stone is left unturned and the full senior leadership team is involved and aligned to operationalize your strategy.

We believe you should leverage the talent and knowledge of your own internal teams to deploy plans and ensure long-term success. Our unique value lies in building your internal capabilities and systems to reduce ongoing dependance on external consultants.

Company Strengths

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Wide-ranging international Experience

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Rapid analysis of Business Challenges

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Risk Mitigation

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Trusted advisor to Executive Leaders

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Easily adapts to Organizational Culture

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Baldrige Framework Expertise

Paige Lillard

CEO - Principal

Paige Lillard is CEO and Principal of Beacon Consulting PBL aligning executive leaders to a shared strategy and guiding them through challenging business transformation. She served as the VP of Global Business Transformation for Turner Broadcasting’s Global Technology and Operations division.

Paige was appointed by US Secretary of Commerce Pritzker to the role of Lead Judge for the Malcolm Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence in 2014. Through over 18 years of work with the Baldrige Framework for Excellence coupled with her global transformation projects with Turner, Ms. Lillard has extensive knowledge of organizational design and systems to ensure sustainable success. Her experience spans all sectors including service, industry, healthcare, education, government and not-for-profit.

Client Testimonials

Laura Meyer
CIO at HarperCollins Publishers

“Paige adeptly led my leadership team through an effective, structured annual strategic planning process for many years, allowing me as the leader to participate fully in the sessions. Her ability to bring the team's genuine concerns, risks, and opportunities to the table, along with her ongoing approach to ensure accountability within my team, allowed us to prioritize and quickly adapt our business to our customers’ needs. With Paige's help we were able to strategically transform our business and reach our goals.”

Jeff Kupsky
Former President - Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Europe, Middle-East, Africa

“I engaged Paige because of her authentic and collaborative approach to consulting with leaders throughout my organization. I continued to work with her over the course of several years because, with her help, we identified concrete strategies with solutions to our business challenges, we were aligned, and we moved things forward with tangible business results. Paige crafts an environment for leaders to get issues out on the table, enabling them to create a clear and shared vision for moving forward.”

Niki Cook
SVP Human Resources at Travelport

“Paige was instrumental in helping me flesh out our people strategy in a framework that reflected our key organizational challenges and aligned with the company goals. The end result was clean and crisp and enabled us to get the buy-in and support for our people plan from our leadership team and employees. Paige's ability to tailor an iterative process to our business need was invaluable.”

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