Like most people, I started my career at the entry level. It was at a fairly small but growing entrepreneurial company with three television networks out of Atlanta, Georgia; CNN, TBS, and Headline News. When I left 26 years later, I was the Vice President of Global Business Transformation for a well-respected media company with internationally recognized brands. I travelled the world supporting company goals with a personal mission to positively affect the professional lives of thousands of our employees.

Throughout my career, in an effort to support my community and grow my knowledge, I began working for a non-profit organization on a local level. After several years of service, while still working full-time at Turner, I was accepted to the national level. Several years later I was nominated to a national panel of 12 judges. In 2014 US Secretary of Commerce Pritzker appointed me to the highest level of achievement in my field as the Lead Judge for the Malcolm Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence, given each year by the President of the United States.

This book relates how I moved steadily up through the ranks in corporate America and provides specific, achievable career strategies to aspiring executives from all walks of life. I share practical advice and tools so you can advance your career by adding unique value to your company while getting identified as a natural leader.

Publish date for my book - Soon